It’s no secret that I love to be outside and that big epic scenery is a huge inspiration for my photography, but a strong connection between two people inspires me more than any cliff or waterfall. I like people and I’m fascinated by their stories. Getting to witness real love every weekend and curating that story with my camera is one of the most fulfilling parts of shooting weddings. Being asked to document couples on their most important day is pretty damn amazing. So if I get a little caught up in the energy and emotion of it all, well, you’ll have to forgive me for loving what I do.

I’m on the road a lot! If you don’t have a chance to come out and visit me in Portland, check in with my travel schedule to see some of the places I’m visiting and shoot me a message!

February 2019: NYC & SALT LAKE
April 2019: ROME
May 2019: NYC & YOSEMITE
June 2019: PARIS & MEXICO