You know how you meet someone for the first time, maybe at a job interview, and they ask you something that is impossible to answer in any honest way?

This is me and Phil, my husband, eloping in Paris about 6 months before the pandemic hit, lucky timing.

" tell me about yourself "

I could tell you the somewhat impressive things I do: I take photos, I paint, make pottery, I like to bake, i do pilates

I could tell you how I waste my time: I look at my phone for just one second and 3 hours pass on reddit

Or I could tell you the things I ponder when I'm falling asleep at night: I wonder what the deepest hole in the world is?

But i guess all of these things make up a little piece of me. It's not for me to decide if that makes any sense to you but I think my timer is going off...

Phil Chester Photography

PS Photo

I've been a professional photographer since 2011, I've shot hundreds of wedding and couples. While I like to retain my independence and identity, my husband and I have joined forces to create an unstoppable team of weirdos. We decided to team up during the pandemic and realized it's all just better together.

Phil's wedding website, but it's a better representation of work we have done together. He's faster at putting together websites okay...

Our joined portfolio site for commercial, fashion and portraiture work. (click to check it out)