Double Exposure Tutorial for Canon 5D Mark III


Awesome Sara, thank you so much. I’ve tried this before but always forget to play with it when I’m on a shoot. I need to play some more. Love the Live view suggestion, makes it so much easier.

Wow, pretty amazing! I just thought it was all done in photoshop!

Does anybody knows if this is also possible with NIKON D800? Image Overlay is possible but is Live View too?

These are amazing! I want a new mark III so badly now! Thanks for sharing the awesome tutorial as well.

Great post and tutorial. I’m going to have a go but think double exposure will be a bit of a fad and will look crap in years to come like colour spot. Again, great blog post and superb examples.

I seriously want to hang these up in my house. Is that weird? I LOVE these pictures!!

I want to do the same!!!

Great stuff, Sara.

Nice in depth the compliment the video.

These are beautiful! Great tutorial- I can’t wait to try this out!

[…] 1. Canon. Damn, we like your double exposure trick. […]

Love these images!! thanks for the great tutorial, I can’t wait to try it:)

Chris Byrne

Those are really neat, nicely done Sara! Thought the last one looked especially B.A.

Oh my gosh, Sara! BRILLIANT! So so beautiful and inspiring.

Preciosas imágenes Sara, muchas gracias por compartirlas!!

The kids and I have new project! I have only ever done this after the fact and never in camera. The live view will make it so much more fun. Thanks for sharing 🙂

You guys are so awesome. Thanks so much for sharing!

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[…] About the author: Sara K Byrne is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Boise, Idaho and the owner of Sarah K Byrne Photography. This article originally appeared here. […]

[…] photographer Sarah K. Byrne recently wrote and filmed a detailed tutorial on how to make multiple exposure photographs using a Cannon 5D Mark III camera and accompanied the […]

Love this! I’m going to link to it on my blog this week. thanks so much for sharing!

[…] you are one of those fortunate folk in pocession of a fancy pants camera, then you should watch this tutorial by Sara Byrne. Sara explains how to go about creating gorgeous double exposures much like the ones […]


I’ve seen these photos everywhere and I get way excited everytime. Absolutely beautiful

[…] of all, Sarah created a video tutorial on her blog to help you create the same kind of images! So good! Well, that’s if you own a […]

[…] photographer Sarah K. Byrne recently wrote and filmed a detailed tutorialon how to make multiple exposure photographs using a Cannon 5D Mark III camera and accompanied the […]

So gorgeous. I think this is a great example of an old technique made beautiful. Does anyone know if this works with a 7D? My camera is currently being repaired so I can’t check :/

5Diii, 1D, & 6D only 🙂

awesome pictures! was just wondering wether this is canon only. would it work the same way with nikon D800?

Lovely photos & a great tutorial.

I’ve been experimenting with the double exposure option on my Nikon camera & the results can be really beautiful. It’s always good to see what other photographers are doing & learn from their techniques though.

[…] probably won’t have failed to noticed that double exposures are all the rage right now. This simple tutotial explains how you can achieve the look with the Canon Mark […]

Had my Mk III’s for about a 6 months now and although knew of the feature I have never used it, think you have just inspired me to take a look. Thanks Sara

Ahhhhh,… thanks Sara!!!

[…] There it is, my experiment with double exposure portraiture. Like I said earlier, these are fairly derivative of Sara K Byrne photography, so for some exceptional photos in this style, check out: […]

Awesome! Thank you for sharing this, I’ve seen your incredible images before and thought it was a PS layering thing. So cool that its all in camera and so great that you’re sharing it with us!

[…] Sara K. Byrne is a young photographer from Portland that creates these beautiful photos using the double exposure technique. It is a very creative trick you can achieve with a traditional camera by taking a photo, and then taking another one without rolling the cartridge. This way, the photo will be captured over the previous one, adding textures and new motifs. You need some photography knowledge, as you have to know how to control the framing, lighting, shadows and exposure. She’s explained step by step how to make your own double exposure photos in the video at the end of this post. Or go direct to the tutorial page. […]

[…] exposure photos seem to be all the rage right now. Here’s a tutorial explaining how they’re […]

[…] by naturalism  and has great reverence for it. Byrne is a generous artist and even publishes tutorials on her blog on how to achieve the type of photographs she […]

[…] permet de donner un côté artistique à vos photos, grâce à un procédé de superposition. Sara K. Byrne l’ayant testé à sa manière, nous propose un tutorial afin de nous expliquer la […]

Gold Hat Photography

Great tutorial. Only wish double exposures were so well catered for in Nikons. That Live View trick is awesome!

[…] and tried to figure out how to apply the double exposure feature right on my camera! Cool! I found this tutorial (via pinterest) and it’s for a Canon (I use a Nikon) but I thought I could figure it out […]

[…] K. Byrne é uma fotografa de Portland, EUA, que recentemente filmou e escreveu um tutorial de como fazer várias fotografias de múltipla exposição usando uma 5D Mark III. Pra quem gosta desse tipo de trabalho, fica a dica, pois suas fotografias […]

[…] information on the tutorial can be found here, and you can see more of her other photographs […]

These images are lovely. Thanks to your tutorial my husband and I recently experiemented with double exposure with entry level Nikon. The images aren’t nearly as beauitful as yours, but we had fun trying it out!

[…] I came across the work of  Sara K. Byrne today and was fascinated by the artistic nature of her work. She creates her art through the process of double exposure of which she shows details of the process here. […]

Wayne Fisk

Fantastic! What are your specific in-camera settings for shooting the Base photo? I have a Canon 5D MK III, and I’m slowly getting it. Can you use a pre-shot texture as the 2nd photo? How would you do that? Or do you have to use Live-view for the 2nd shot? Shooting the silhouette is harder than I thought. Also, some of your examples are,strictly speaking, partial sihouettes The camera settings would be very helpful. Thanks for all of your inspiring work,Sarah!.

[…] su web explica paso a paso cómo configurar la cámara para hacer estas fotos. He ido muy ilusionada a comprobarlo en mi cámara, pero mi tocho no hace […]

[…] In response to the same question, Sara decided to create a tutorial on her website on how to do this! Check it out here. […]

[…] Here’s the inspiration: Sara K Byrne’s Canon 5D Mark III Double Exposure Tutorial […]

Wow! Just stumbled upon your site through google+ and this tutorial. I’ve had this camera for a few months and had not discovered this function yet but you bet I’ll be trying it now. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Your images are incredible!

I have not enough words to tell you how much I love your work, specially these series and how deeply grateful I am for this tutorial. It’s very kind of you to share your findings. Thanks Sara!

I did some tests with my Nikon D3100 and although it doesn’t have the Live View feature, I enjoyed them very much 🙂

Have a good one!

[…] became so enamored with the double exposures of Sarah K. Byrne that I was obsessed with the idea of buying a new 5d Mark iii. Just ask my husband, it was getting […]

[…] little while ago now I was shown this really great tutorial on creating double exposure images using the ‘multiple exposure’ tool in our camera (5d […]

[…] View Byrne’s tutorial below, and read more about the process on her blog. […]

Thanks for a great and easy tutorial Sarah and for being the prompt to look at this function on my 5Diii

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Amazing! Thank for you the tutorial! 🙂

[…] double exposure feature on the markiii after coming across a tutorial by an AMAZING photographer, Sara Byrne. I quickly wanted to start playing with this weird paintbrush button on the back of Penelope. […]

Great Tutorial! Awesome beautiful Pictures. In one week i am getting my MK III and can’t wait for trying this. Thanks a lot for inspiring!

We never tried before the live view trick. It´s magic. Thanks you so much!!

[…] came across this blog post last night: Double Exposure Tutorial and although it it directed at Canon 5D Mark III users, I was inspired to give a try […]

[…] below by Portland based photographer Sara Bryne are absolutely stunning. She gives a great video tutorial on how to create the double exposure effect using a Canon 5D Mark III […]

[…] blogged about how she created an image for which she received a Fearless Award for by creating a double exposure using her Canon 5DIII.  For those who don’t know, double exposure isn’t new, in fact, it originated with […]

Really great work here. Thanks for sharing. I’ve already capture a couple great multi exposures with my 5DIII thanks to your tutorial here.

[…] besondere Einstellung auch Mehrfachbelichtungen: Ein Tutorial dazu findet sich auf der Seite von Dylan & Sara Photography Automatische Programme haben bereits Möglichkeiten, bei großen Kontrasten 3 oder 4 Aufnahmen […]

My camera does not accept the base picture. I get a message “this image cannot be used as the base image….” Can you tell what I’m doing wrong?
FYI, I have a mark iii.

make sure it is a full size RAW.

Thanks for getting back to me.
It might sound stupid, but how can I make sure of that?

sorry, never mind my previous msg. I figured that out.
thx 🙂

Hi Sara – thanks for sharing your tipps. I was wondering how much PS afterwork are you using on most of the shots? Like copy and paste textures away etc… thanks for your answer..

None of the images in the tutorial have anything added or removed, outside of my curve adjustments. But its easy to do if you need to 🙂

[…] discovery!  It is a Canon 6Dbut it also sounds like it is a feature on the Canon 5D Mark III  (here’s a tutorial and some super inspiring images)…though it may even be a feature on some Point and Shoots too (check your menu and see if it […]

Love these. How do you get the floating effect in your second to last example with the pine tree coming out the bottom – obviously the overlay is shot upside down with a white sky, but my silhouette has some darkness to the bottom of the frame and is not eliminated by the overlay. (maybe i am underexposing the overlay? would love to learn settings for that! Having fun experimenting! Thanks!

clear sky above the subjects head and clear sky above the tree.. when one is upside down it makes it blow on both top and bottom 🙂

Thanks so much for sharing this technique. I have the Mark III and can’t wait to give this a try. I love the results. Janice

Not sure if this function is available anymore on the latest firmware…I have tried following the video, but when switching to live view the overlay feature is no longer there……and when turning back I find that the multiple exposure function is disabled……have just contacted canon support to confirm the changes

Okay….you dont actually switch to Live View as in turning the knob to the Video Live View Mode……you press the Start/Stop button to switch to the Live View mode whilst taking stills

Make sure you were shooting fullsize RAW.

It feels like cheating after I remember how much more complicated it was on film…BUT I’m still so going to play with this. Thanks for the easy tutorial. Your work is beautiful!

hi, can i do this with pentax kx ?

will this work with canon 550d & 600d as I have both of these cameras and love the effect it gives

[…] Double exposure tutorial for the Canon 5D Mark III by Dylan and Sara Photography. How to do multiple exposures in your camera without photoshop.  […]

Just found your tutorial recently. It’s great. It inspired me to try something new with my own images. Thank you. I have re shared it in a blog post (with credit and links back to you).

A friend of mine posted the link to this page. I just recently got the 5DMIII and love it. I knew about the multiple exposure feature but never tried it. Thank you for the tutorial. It inspired me to give it a shot.

Here is the result:

Thank you and I love your work!

Thanks sooo much for sharing this!

yes,I love these too.I have made a lot of somewhat similar photos but an entirely different way.I an anxius to see if I can try this with the camera I have.

Would you mind to share a video of how your composting is done to create such stunning images? its beautiful!

Fantastic tutorial, thanks for sharing. Inspires you to get out and start experimenting – the opportunities are endless!!

I totally thought this was done in photoshop. Can’t wait to try this!! Thanks for the tutorial.

[…] this point in the workflow, Camilo had results similar to the incredible double-exposure pics of Dylan and Sara Howell, but he didn’t stop there. He took it a step further by using sets of duplicate layers to […]

[…] einiger Zeit bin ich beim Stöbern im Netz auf völlig faszinierende Fotos der Fotografin Sarah K Byrne gestoßen. Sie hat ein super Tutorial wie man Doppelbelichtungen mit der Canon 5D Mark III aufnimmt […]

[…] if it were film). I was inspired by the silhouette portrait images I saw on this tutorial here and have been playing around with it ever since.  It’s been a tricky skill to learn, so […]

Hi, nice one!!! I’m Trying with my 6d, but can’t work like you with Live view! And can’t load previously recorded pic! Do I need upgrade firmware? Do i make mistake somewhere ? Thank’s for reply

Make sure you’re on RAW!

Have test setting in RAW my 6D… doesn’t matter which choice, once switch to live view, than double exposure became automatically off. So would be nice that Sara maybe hold one 6D and try it to clarify step by step which is right procedure for it. Maybe, I may think about a kind of firmware to be upgraded too ? I do Double exposures without live view but i agree that live view would be a nice help to create right final result.

Exactly how does one do this on 6D? I’m confused….

should be close to above.. the controls are a bit different!

I shot some cool sillouettes, dumped them onto my computer and renamed the raw files during import. now when I put them back onto the card to try some Multiple Exposures, the MKIII doesn’t see them – even tried renaming the Raw files. Anyone have any ideas??? thx.

You’ll definitely have issues if you have done anything to the files/card!

Absolutely love this! I’m going to try this for my next shoot! Thank you so much for sharing the technique.

Many thanks for that video explaining how this is to be done. Love these multiple exposure images. Very creative.

[…] was reading a tutorial today on making double exposures with DSLRs. The tutorial was specific for Canon 5D Mark III […]

interesting stuff! thanks for sharing!

Wow amazing! Now i want to update my gear haha!

[…] Double Exposure Photography by Sarah K. Byrne  […]

Man i love these double exposures! You guys are killin’ it!

[…] create them from your camera (which by the way there is a fantastic tutorial on how to to do here!) I think I might prefer them with the white background so the subject is more prominent […]

Hi. I was wondering if I can make it through my fujifilm x100t. Because last time I tried it, it was so hard to do. it as like the porsion/opacity of the first and the second photos are the same. Can you help me? Btw, if I got a chance to visit portland, it would be nice to meeting you guys 🙂

We haven’t had a chance to shoot the x100t yet, but that sounds roughly the same as the 5d.. just use the opacities to line up the images, not to judge final exposures.

I think x100t has different setting than 5d mark iii. It comes from different manufacturer. My guess is that fuji doesn’t have multiple exposure features as many as the canon. It doesn’t include darken, average etc. And also i can choose the base image from the photo that I have taken before. But thanks for your help 🙂

[…] DYLAND AND SARA PHOTOGRAPHY, 2013. Double Exposure Tutorial for Canon 5D Mark III [online] [viewed 10 February 2015]. Available from: […]

[…] podéis ver el trabajo de Sara K Byrne, esta vez en […]

[…] tidak memiliki fitur tersebut. Saya juga menemukan sebuah video di Youtube yang diunggah oleh Sara K Byrne yang menjelaskan mengenai bagaiman membuat foto double exposure langsung dari kamera. Dalam video […]

Great blog post and video. Thanks for sharing!


Hi there, great tutorial thank you! I love this feature, so now playing around a bit and going to shoot a wedding tomorrow i want to just shoot and maybe play later, sooo I’m having trouble with using an other image. on camera when saying select image for multiple exposure its say no compatible images available. super confused.

Awesome tutorial.
Magnificent photography! Thank you Sara

[…] Canon 5D Mark III Double Exposure … – Double exposure tutorial for the Canon 5D Mark III by Dylan and Sara Photography. How to do multiple exposures in your camera without photoshop. […]

[…] other photographers that have used this process and what they were creating was stunning. Check out Dylan and Sara and Dan Mountford work. Simply […]

Gabe Santos

This kind of tutorials are really helpful, but I found really sad that just a few digital cameras has multiple exposure, thanks!

Thanks for this, super helpful!

[…] couple of weeks ago I read an article by Sarah K Byrne Photography about in-camera double exposure. According to her […]

That’s brilliant! Thanks for the help!