Day One: Water

Icelandic waterfalls are a sensory experience. There is an obvious visual beauty when you see one for the first time and you are immediately drawn to get closer. Waterfalls are thought of as peaceful places but they are powerful and the constant pounding of water plunging down from a cliff is extremely loud. Stand right next to one and it practically screams at you. Walk closer and you feel it, not just the mist hitting your face but theres a sort of wind it creates that whooshes by you. Finally you taste and smell it, and it’s exactly what you’d expect, fresh and pure. Apparently in Iceland people drink water directly from the waterfalls and streams.

Ashley, Jordan, and I spent day one touring around experiencing the two major waterfalls in the South of Iceland, Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss. Each are uniquely beautiful and alluring. Hours in the car together bonding over the important things in life, beards, our cats/dogs, and food. The end of the daylight was approaching fast and so was the rain. We started walking down a long trail to the “secret” Icelandic pool and the rain followed. Luckily when you are relaxing in a natural hot springs it doesn’t really matter if its raining.


iceland-wedding-photo-0006iceland-wedding-photo-0004Seljalandsfoss-icelandiceland-wedding-photo-0003iceland-wedding-photo-0005iceland-wedding-photo-0010iceland-wedding-photo-0011iceland-wedding-photo-0017iceland-wedding-photo-0015SkogafossSkogafoss-icelandSkogafoss-waterfall-icelandSkogafoss-waterfalliceland-waterfall-Skogafossiceland-waterfall-Skogafossiceland-wedding-photo-0031iceland-wedding-photo-0032Seljavallalaug-trailSeljavallalaug-pool-icealndsecret-pool-icealndgeothermal-pool-icelandgeothermal-secret-pool-icelandgeothermal-pool-iceland-near-vikgeothermal-pool-southern-icelandgeothermal-pool-iceland-secretSecret pool in Southern IcelandSouthern Iceland geothermal poolnatural hot springs in southern icelandsecret geothermal pool Icelandsecret geothermal pool Icelandsecret geothermal pool Icelandsecret geothermal pool Iceland

Day Two: Cliffside Elopement

It was cold. It was windy. It was beautiful. They chose a spot cliffside near Vik overlooking the ocean and black sand beaches. The wind pushed against us and we pushed back in an effort to stay standing. When you rent a car in Iceland they get really pushy about this extra wind protection insurance, I always thought it was BS until I was in Vik and could barely walk forward, now I can see what they mean.  You could see for miles until the coastline was obscured by fog and started to merge with the sky. Ashley and Jordan each brought a parent with them who spoke words of love and affirmation before the two exchanged vows. So dang sweet.

Black Sand Beach Iceland Vikcliffs in vik icelandiceland-wedding-photo-0050iceland-wedding-photo-0052iceland-wedding-photo-0053iceland-wedding-photo-0054cliffside wedding ceremony in Icelandcliffside elopement in Icelandexchanging vows cliffside elopement in Icelandiceland-wedding-photo-0062Cliffside wedding in icelandiceland-wedding-photo-0069Exchanging vowsCliffside wedding in icelandCliffside elopement in icelandiceland-wedding-photo-0073Cliffside wedding in icelandiceland-wedding-photo-0076Cliffside wedding in vik icelandiceland-wedding-photo-0077Cliffside elopement in vik icelandiceland-wedding-photo-0065iceland-wedding-photo-0080iceland-wedding-photo-0082iceland-wedding-photo-0087iceland-wedding-photo-0088Iceland wedding photographerIceland elopementIceland wedding near vikIceland elopement black sand beachesIceland wedding photoiceland-wedding-photo-0094Black Sand Beach Iceland VikBlack Sand Beach Iceland VikBlack Sand Beach Iceland VikBlack Sand Beach Iceland VikBlack Sand Beach Iceland VikBlack Sand Beach Iceland VikRock formations at black sand beach in IcelandBlack Sand Beach Iceland VikBlack Sand Beach Iceland VikIceland Elopement PhotoBlack Sand Beach Iceland Vikiceland-wedding-photo-0116Lava Fields Iceland MossIceland wedding photographerIceland moss locationIceland wedding photoElope in IcelandIceland wedding moss photoIcelandic moss fieldsIcelandic moss covered lava fieldsIceland elopementIcelandic moss covered lava fieldsIcelandic moss covered lava fields